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______A Pado Loup ________:

Self sustanable Hack&DIY festival from 12 to 22th August 2012 in Pado, 06470 Beuil, Alpes Maritimes. France. 1600mt high.

Here on maps: http://bit.ly/JFatFr and details: here click

– Howling at the moon 2012:

    Come and leave the epicenters, quit your urban groves to join us in Pado, at 1600 m, during the storms season, at the territory of wolfs.
For recovering from daily binding schedules, we want to avoid this summer having journeys divided into 7 sessions taking each 1 hour during the 7 days of the week, to privilege a matter that is highly rarefied: time.
To help the gradual withdrawal, A Pado Loup Festival make a call to people wanting to propose and be part of a collective time around many projects ; to finish some others, engage new ones, and take the time to continue or rethink all those left fallow during the year.
So no list of conferences in the program, but periods of workshops, meetings and discussions. The festival is expected to gradually find its natural shape and create a sort of constellation of flexible and interconnected workshops, which we have no idea the final organisational structure.

PROGRAMME: (more info at ateliers/workshop)

1- Hack / DIY electronic
– Solar Pirates boxes , Graffiti Research Lab (configuration, setting up, etc…).
– Building a OVNI : quadcopters, ballons… or all kind of unidentifiable flying objets…
– Built a DIY engins for video takes /DSLR

2- Experimental ecologie
– Bioclimatic architecture workshop for kids and parents.
– Building a solar oven.
– Building of a solar water heater in thermosyphon.
– Construction of a vertical axis wind turbine.
– Find a system to protect the garden against the voracious appetite of deers.
    ( avoiding a fence de 2,20m high on 300m ).
    – Setting up a mesh network bound for deers to install for the garden a protection system.
    – Make soap with olive oil.

3- Photograpy, cinema, image
– Atelier photographie argentique grand format.
– Réalisation de film collective en super8 et développement de la péliculle sur place.
– Aménagement d’une tente en labo mobile pour développements de photos sténopés
– Soirées de projection de films.

4- Son, Radio, Concerts
– Concert : JeanJean
–  Evening live coding radio. Pour le Concert radio :
– Radio concert :
Please note: Consider to bring one or more small battery radio receptors, des instruments ou sonic objects of your choice.
– Constellations and Falling stars in “augmented reality” evening.
– Screening of a silent film with live soundtrack coding.

5- Light
– Light painting. Graffiti Research Lab
    *** This pad below is for your proposals, to note what you want to do during the festival, a performance, cooking, all your wishes.

Nota bene:

Children are welcome at A Pado Loup, a place where children grew up and lots of others use to come. 


1. Food: 

Vegetables, fruit and meat from the region. Otherwise, potential organic growers and farmers partnerships with organic products (tea, pasta, rice …) 

Participation: open and voluntary but with a minimum cuote of 5 euros person per day.

2. Water:

In stock tanks for showers and cooking. Fountain 1 km for drinking water.

3. Electricity:

Solar panels (we still need one or two…), and a standby emergency electro-generator.

4. Solar showers:

At place we dispose of 4 solar showers, those who have more please take them with you.

5. Lavatories:

Litter toilets.

6. Cuisine:

Consider to bring with you a plates, cups and cutlery if possible. Shared kitchen.

7. Sleep:

Around the house there are full of intimate corners, cute and tender for setting your tent, to buit on other structures like building a hut. There is room. Don’t forget : it is very cold by night and sometimes during the day, we will be at 1600m high ! Take good shoes, hot socks, and a good sweater.

8. Tools:

There is everything you need to have fun, but remember your favorite tools!

9. Arriving: How to…

Sharing the drive by car: http://piratepad.net/padoloup-covoiturage

For those who come without a vehicle:

    – Train to Nice.

    – Bus # 770 to take in front of the railway station (gare SNCF) ( 2 buses per day ) the bus lead to Beuil Le Launes (1km5 to the house).

    – Possibility to mount your stuff or material if heavy to the house, built in a hill. 

For those comming by car, there is a parking free place at 700 meters from the house.


In addition from your proposals, please consider sending before July, an email to this adress to inform us of your visit:

Mail: apadoloup@usinette.org


For more information read regulary news in this blog:


See you very soon !

A Pado Loup Team